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Solving delinquency issues at the municipal as well as inter-municipal level implies having a clear and shared vision of the problems of insecurity that impact the lives of our fellow citizens on a daily basis. All of the spallian group’s core expertise - software publishing, data analysis and advice - has been mobilized to design this powerful and 100% French observatory.

SPALLIAN SECURITY is an innovative solution for sharing information and observing the facts of insecurity based on data produced by city services (municipal police, technical services, etc.) and its main security co-producing partners (national police, firefighters, lessors, transporters, etc.).

The tool is built around two functionalities :

  • The collection of data on insecurity through a specific import module of CSV file
  • The observation and analysis of these facts (inventory, cartographic analysis, cross-referencing, etc.)

Firstly experienced in Plaine Vallée (Val d´Oise, France) with the support of the Ile-de-France region, this public tranquility observatory offers a global view of all the information security in your city.


In the information gathering phase, Althing uses a drone making aerial photography possible and in accordance with the legislation of the country. These allow you to collect quality information for the risk analysis of your equipment, its periphery and its perimeter.


In order to best materialize your building and offer a precise and detailed vision of the security issues weighing on your infrastructure, Althing models your equipment in 3 dimensions.

This approach brings greater visibility to security elements :

  • In analyzing the risks and threats weighing on your building and its environment,
  • In establishing recommendations.

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